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Terraria WiiU

Terraria WiiU

“Terraria on Wii U offers an amazing new experience on the Wii U gamepad,” said Dean Scott, Producer at 505 Games. “Using the gamepad touch screen controls, the Wii U version allows players the unique ability to dig deep into Terraria’s universe and build complicated structures by simply drawing on the screen.”

Terraria is a side-scrolling action-adventure that focuses on crafting unique items, exploring vast worlds and battling various enemies. It blends a traditional 2D combat system with expansive crafting mechanics and randomly generated pixel worlds.

The Wii U edition of Terraria also features:

14 different environments such as eerie dungeons, slippery ice wastes, wild jungles and more;
Hundreds of craftable weapons, armor and items;
More than 150 enemies ranging from zombies to armies of goblins;
Epic boss battles that test players’ combat skills;
Vast worlds of exploration that introduce new potions, magic, gear and more.

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