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Which video game characters have appeared in slot machines?

Playing games whilst gaining money has long been a dream for any gamer. Combining enjoy-ability with productivity is a perfect pastime, and now possible through the increased amount of tailor made slot games made available.

In the past it was only possible to enjoy the likes of Tomb Raider, Spyro, and Rayman on video game consoles. Now, due to the evolution in online slot games, these characters all feature in fully functioning entertaining fruit machines. The slots are well designed, using the characters’ themes to make them truly unique, and offer huge bonuses and jackpots to complete the gaming experience!

Here are 4 of the best slots and fruit machines based on video game characters:

Terminator2 Fruit machine

The Terminator 2 fruit machine game packs a punch by giving players a staggering 1024 ways to win. The Terminator makes frequent appearances during game-play, and his appearance is enhanced through the superb graphics, and a fully licensed soundtrack, which contains his authentic spine tingling voice! If you like the sound of this slot machine, or fancy a spin on any other fruit machine, head on over to Fruity Reels where there are over 100 independent reviews of various games.


What better way to enjoy all your favourite XMEN characters then to win a 100,000 your bet at the same time? All the big guns are out in this slot… Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X, Raven, Cyclops… Use these characters to your advantage, as they help you battle your way to the mystery Marvel jackpot! There are many other Marvel characters which have fruit machines in their honour, read more here.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Fruit machine

Ah Batman, famous for comics, movies, TV shows and gaming, he represents an iconic symbol, and now a chance to win heaps of cash. With 5 reels and 243 ways to win, combined with symbol scramble, flight mode, Bane VS Batman mode… you get it, there’s plenty to look out for in this Dark Knight themed slot. Find out more about the cheats available in the Batman Vengence game.

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Slot

After producing what was described as ‘one of Nintendo’s worst ever games’ this slot had a lot of improving to do, in order to display the character of Dr Jekyll more positively. Fortunately the slot achieves this goal, with excellent graphics, a spooky theme and original soundtrack all creating an authentic effect. It’s not just all about looks however, as this slot rewards players with bonuses, special features and scattered wilds throughout!

Remember that this is just a handful of the famous video game characters to make their way over to gambling games. For a full list of mobile pokies titles including Hulk, Tomb Raider and Hitman, take a look at MobilePokiesOnline, the number one choice for mobile players in Australia.

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