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V-Jump magazine releasen some new images of DBZ Tenkaichi 2 Wii this time. It is that we learn some also more on the play.

We have the confirmation, that there will be indeed a Aventure mode id the game. It will resemble, in the principle, with that of DBZ Budokai 3: it will be necessary to sail through the chart of the world, entirely in 3D, to go from combat in combat. With each finalized event, an amount of money will be allocated to you, you making it possible to buy objects and new techniques with the shop of Baba, the witch. The latter could be equipped on your combatant him, which will enable you to make climb its stats like a hero of RPG.

Another interesting information: the presence of certain characters. In addition to the innumerable list that we had, we see that Baby Vegetated, Super Baby, Super Baby 2, Baby 4 will be part (the last had not been confirmed). As much to say that there will be choice among the characters surpuissants.

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